WEBs-AXTM with NiagaraAX Version 3.5 Available Now

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Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of WEBs-AX with Niagara version 3.5 which is available and ready for download. WEBs-AX 3.5 includes many new usability and scalability functions such as Platform Tunneling and Program Module Builder Support, Floating License Repository, Writable Niagara Virtual Components, On-call Alarm Service and Station-based discovery.

WEBs-AX hosts (Controllers and Supervisors) are currently being delivered with NiagaraAX 3.5 license.  WEBStation-AX, WEBPro, Alarm Console, and SoftJACE are available for download from the Buildings Forum.

New Features Improve Productivity

  • Platform Tunneling - This feature enables the Niagara platform tools to be connected to a WEBs-AX controller through another Niagara station.  This is useful in network topologies where only the supervisor in a system has a public IP address.
  • Program Module Builder - Allows users that are accustomed to creating Niagara program objects to build their program objects into a standard Niagara module that can be versioned and deployed using the standard Niagara software management tools.
  • Floating License Repository - This permits Niagara installations to retrieve a license from the repository at startup rather requiring a license to be permanently installed and allows multiple Niagara runtimes to share a pool of licenses by limiting the number of licenses in concurrent use.
  • Writable Niagara Virtual Components - Niagara Virtual Components were first introduced in Release 3.4 but only supported read-only operation.  In 3.5, Niagara Virtual Components are now commandable and can be used in graphics.
  • On-call Alarm Service - The On-call Alarm Service is an extension to Niagara alarm routing which makes it much easier to route alarms to groups of people.  It supports time of day scheduling for routing to different groups of people and alarm escalation within a group of people.
  • Supervisor auto-configuration “Export Tags”- Allows certain elements within a station to be tagged as exports. When a station is added to a supervisor, an import “join” process can be initiated, which discovers all of the exports in a remote station and automatically maps them into the supervisor. Station elements that can be exported include points, histories, schedules, graphics, and files. This allows an integrator to avoid the time consuming manual process of discovering data in a JACE and mapping it into a supervisor.

Spyder Tool Compatibility
The Spyder Tool version 4.8.8 has been tested with the current 3.5.24 release. The tool can be downloaded from the Honeywell Buildings Forum. We plan to release the tool with newer, simpler versioning scheme, tested with the recent maintenance releases of 3.3 and 3.4 WEBs-AX versions.

Software Downloads and Additional Information
Version 3.5 WEBStation-AX, WEBPro-AX, Alarm Console, and SoftJACE are available for download from the Buildings Forum. Follow this link to download the version 3.5 software:  The Buildings Forum > Honeywell WEBs > WEBs-AX Software Releases

For more information on the enhancements available in version 3.5, download the NiagaraAX 3.5 Features announcement from the Buildings Forum:  The Buildings Forum > Honeywell WEBs > Honeywell WEBs Information

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